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Application Monitoring For Networks

System observing is not, at this point a perplexing word, particularly for independent venture applications that might be utilizing Cloud innovation. Cloud innovation has made maintaining a business less difficult for those with confined financial plans. This is particularly valid for private companies that experience labor asset restrictions because of spending plans. Application checking is basic for such little to medium sized organizations like never before in view of the job it plays in guaranteeing smooth tasks.

Remember that observing devices need to illuminate you about issues and blunders on schedule; this spares time spent firefighting. In a system, area is of centrality. You could lose valuable time in discovering issue region, in the process additionally missing out on fix time.

Observing applications across various innovation stages:

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Know Your Laptop

Planning to buy a laptop? If you are not a techie person, and you happen to ask any geek for some advice, they will start belting you with technical terms and specs, which will leave your head reeling. Get a basic idea of the various features of a laptop before you begin shopping for one in earnest.


Laptops are available in a range of sizes from 14 to 21 inches,with 15.4 inches being the most common. This measurement refers to the diagonal distance of the screen. The screen size you choose depends on your needs and comfort level.

Aspect Ratio:

When it comes to screen, the next feature that you’ll probably hear about is the aspect ratio. It is a proportion between the height and width of the screen. There are two types of aspect ratios – standard and widescreen. These days, standard screens are being replaced by widescreen-format screens.

Screen Resolution:

Resolution is described by the number of pixels across by the number of pixels down the screen. For example, when you check out a laptop, it says that the screen resolution is 1024 × 768, it means the height has 768 pixels and the width has 1024 pixels. A higher screen resolution means better image clarity. The screen’s clarity closely depends on its size, aspect ratio and resolution.

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Barcode Readers

A barcode scanner is a device designed to read barcodes printed on a retailer’s products for the purpose of stock control and to recover the latest pricing. They are also known as barcode readers and they are electronic devices that have a light source and a light sensor, used for translating the optical image of the printed barcode into an electrical image. The electrical information can be linked to an electronic till or some form of computerised system designed to read the information.

Handheld barcode scanners are probably the most popular because of the flexibility of movement and the mobility they provide. A handheld barcode scanner can be used by an operator to locate the barcode and run the scanner over the barcode.

Desktop barcode scanners are also very popular and can be found in may retail outlets such as department stores and supermarkets where the item containing the barcode is located over the scanner in order to obtain the image. They can often be co-located with handheld scanners so operators can locate barcodes placed on awkward areas of a product.

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Cloud Computing Intro For Beginners

The Internet and email each revolutionized the world in their own ways, and cloud computing looks all set to be the next iteration. There are libraries full of books on this subject, each with a different view of what it means. The simple definition is that the internet is used to provide on-demand access to resources, data and applications.

This functions in a way similar to utilities such as an electricity grid. A user just opens up a browser and accesses the required application and/or resource. The user then gets billed based on the usage, same as with utilities.

In order for this to work, providers offer data centers which simultaneously handle the resource requests from multiple clients. With everything in the data centers, the company does not need to have its own IT setup. This means companies can get rid of existing setups and the associated staff.

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How Computer Viruses Work

Virus is a small computer program that is designed to give someone control over your computer. Viruses usually attach itself to other programs. For example if the program is infected with the virus and you run it. It most likely will reproduce itself to other programs or make your system unstable.

Viruses can be distributed by emails as attachment. Once you click on the email it will infect your computer and send itself out to all your contacts in email address book.

A worm is a special software that scans computer networks for specific security holes. Once if finds them it infects computer and replicates itself.

Trojan horses are computer programs that pretend to be something else. For example you click on mp3 song but instead of listening to the song your computer crashes.

Spyware is similar to malware it a small software designed to collect user data without him / her knowing it.

Malware short for malicious software. Malware is a any type of software that is designed to work against you. Such as viruses, worms, spyware, trojan horse. A lot of times malware will give you pop up window telling you your computer in infected and to go to certain website and make a payment for bogus antivirus software.

If you experience any of the above it is a good idea to update your antivirus software or if you don’t have one seek help online. There are a lot of very reputable remote computer places than can repair your computer remotely without any down time.

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Why Consider the Cloud?

The last twelve months haven’t seen a rush to the cloud but they have seen a dash to hype this latest and greatest trend in global technology.

The cloud, which allows businesses to purchase IT ‘on demand’, has become almost ubiquitous, with journalists, analysts and business leaders keen to talk about the likely affect of this new approach on technology procurement.

The noise surrounding the cloud is now pretty impressive with Gartner predicting that cloud computing is one of the top ten technologies of 2011.

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What Is A mp3?

The mp3 is type of format for digital music that is used to create sound files of a high quality. Since the inception of the mp3, listening to music has never been the same. Perhaps the greatest attraction of the mp3 is that it is able to compress files into more versatile and convenient files.

The quality of sound in the mp3 is quite similar to the older music formats although there is no chance of skipping due to the fact that mp3s do not have moving parts.

How the mp3 Works

The mp3 compresses the music files by removing out many of the song’s sounds that the ears are incapable of hearing. The file then uses complex mathematical equations in order to further reduce the size of the files.
Due to the extent of the file’s compression, the result is a track that is approximately eleven times smaller in size than their music file predecessors.

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Laptop Vs PC: What To Choose?

When thinking of what to choose – laptop or PC, many of us do not see any differences. Laptop seems to be the same PC, only smaller. But in reality, the difference is huge. PC is a universal machine, and laptop is absolutely another thing. Every class of laptop is oriented on certain tasks. There are different laptops for designers, businessmen and gamers. Laptops have different levels of protection and mobility, so it appears that the characteristics important for PC, are just secondary for laptops. Let’s now find out the difference between laptops and PCs.

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What Is an IP Address?

It is a default private IP for various NAT/network devices such as routers. In order to resolve the issue of shortage of IP to be used on the Internet, these IP addresses were devised. RFC 1918 defines the ranges of the private IP.

An IP, where IP stands for Internet Protocol, is a numeric identification that is assigned to all the devices or machines, which are a part of any computer network. All the devices, which are connected to a network, have a unique IP. As we have said earlier, these addresses are numeric representations, which are divided into four parts, and each part is separated by a period (dot) between them. For instance, an IP normally looks like

One series of these numbers is classified as private IP. Generally, this set of numbers range from to Each of these numbers is retained and unique as compared to other IP addresses. The word unique here is used in the sense that these numbers are unique within the network they belong. To make this clear let us take an example of your college or office computer, which is assigned an IP in network and you, will have the same IP address in your home network as well and it won’t create any conflicting issue.

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Files, Folders and Defrag – Help Organise Your PC

A file on your computer is much like a file that you would keep in your filing cabinet. Each file has a unique name and is kept in a specific location. Each computer file has a three character extension which is separated from the file name by a period. The extension is often hidden however there is an option in Windows to display this if you wish. The extension relates to a specific program. This tells the computer which program to open it with. For example, a file extension xls or xlsx relates to Microsoft Excel.

Some file extensions, such as.mp3 can be opened in a variety of programs.

What is a Folder?

A folder usually contains a collection of files similar to a folder in a filling cabinet. You can have folders within a folder. These are known as subfolders. You may sometimes hear folders referred to as directories.