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Laptop Vs PC: What To Choose?

When thinking of what to choose – laptop or PC, many of us do not see any differences. Laptop seems to be the same PC, only smaller. But in reality, the difference is huge. PC is a universal machine, and laptop is absolutely another thing. Every class of laptop is oriented on certain tasks. There are different laptops for designers, businessmen and gamers. Laptops have different levels of protection and mobility, so it appears that the characteristics important for PC, are just secondary for laptops. Let’s now find out the difference between laptops and PCs.

Technology Info

What Is an IP Address?

It is a default private IP for various NAT/network devices such as routers. In order to resolve the issue of shortage of IP to be used on the Internet, these IP addresses were devised. RFC 1918 defines the ranges of the private IP.

An IP, where IP stands for Internet Protocol, is a numeric identification that is assigned to all the devices or machines, which are a part of any computer network. All the devices, which are connected to a network, have a unique IP. As we have said earlier, these addresses are numeric representations, which are divided into four parts, and each part is separated by a period (dot) between them. For instance, an IP normally looks like

One series of these numbers is classified as private IP. Generally, this set of numbers range from to Each of these numbers is retained and unique as compared to other IP addresses. The word unique here is used in the sense that these numbers are unique within the network they belong. To make this clear let us take an example of your college or office computer, which is assigned an IP in network and you, will have the same IP address in your home network as well and it won’t create any conflicting issue.